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During stone ages when man lived in harmony with nature, his basic needs food, clothing and shelter was dervied from nature. The nature is a haven for natural remedies which he explored and experimented, when it cured his ailments the knowledge of the herbs, shrubs, fruits, seeds and all natural resources were passed from one generation to another.
In Tamilnadu, the term Paatti Vaithiyam is analogus to the Sidha and Ayurdveda branch of medicines which explains common cure and remedies of his day to day physical well being and also for his general health.
This app provides lot of home remedies and tips for common illness like cold , fever etc. which can be made with the ingredients from our kitchen.
Vaithiyam Pro has some additional info about home remedies for children.Kuzandhai vaithiyam is very popular in tamilnadu as it cures simple illness in babies and children naturally without any side effects.